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Our Most Popular Tour is Back! The Boeing Factory with Show Me Seattle

Booking with Show Me Seattle adds unparalleled value to your
experience at Boeing. 


Picture this: you’re waiting outside your hotel on a gloomy Seattle morning. Only to be greeted by more doom and gloom as you shuffle yourself inside a cramped Uber smelling of too many car air fresheners and a driver that insists on listening to his “50 Shades of Grey” audiobook the whole ride to Everett. The car bumps and shakes and you feverishly hunt for your Boeing Factory ticket lost in your bag. By the time you pull up to the Boeing Future of Flight, you want to hurl yourself out of the Uber before you hear one more second of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

✨Or, picture this✨: you’re waiting outside your hotel on a gloomy Seattle morning, when a bright, shiny red bus pulls right up to your door🚋. You’re greeted by a smiling Show Me Seattle guide at the wheel, and the warm smell of coffee invites you to take a comfortable seat in the spacious bus cabin. With your round trip transportation and factory tour tickets secured, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and take in the experience. You listen as your Show Me Seattle guide sets the scene of founder William E. Boeing, his legacy, and how his historic achievements catapulted Boeing to the forefront of aerospace innovation💪. During your cruise to Everette, you’ll be delighted by Seattle landmarks your guide points out across the city skyline. And in a snap, you’ve comfortably arrived at the Future of Flight having already learned so much along the way💯✅.

Need I say more? We both know which experience soars✈️ to new heights. 

a group of people standing in a parking lot

Show Me Seattle’s Boeing Tour is a personalized experience like no other. Our guides are experts in Boeing’s history and current innovations. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy a full day of aerospace excellence. 

Our tour consists of several features👇:

  1. Comfortable transportation from Seattle to the Everett Boeing Factory and Future of Flight Gallery complete with stories and history of Boeing told by our expert guides. While pointing out special landmarks in the surrounding Seattle area. 
  2. Drop off at the Future of Flight Gallery. Free lockboxes are provided to hold your belongings and you can explore the Gallery and Gift Shop before the public Factory Tour begins**
  3. The tour of the Boeing Factory will take you inside the largest building in the world, the 777 factory floor, and around the factory grounds.
  4. After the Factory Tour you’ll have ample time to watch planes take off from the SkyDeck (taking in the views of the Cascades and Olympic Mt. Ranges), peruse more artifacts and history in the Future of Flight Gallery, and pick up your take-home 777 from the Gift Shop. 
  5. Hopping on the bus to travel back to Seattle, our guides are happy to answer questions you may have after the Boeing Factory Tour. Our guides will also make 4 insider secret 🔐stops around the Boeing grounds that no other tour company provides! 

Special Features of Show Me Seattle’s Boeing Tour

Our Guides
Our Show Me Seattle guides set us apart from any other tour company. James has been growing his Boeing knowledge since 2019 when he lived in Everett and would film debut flights from the airport for fun. As well read on William E. Boeing as James is, he loves chronicling Boeing’s life and career. Curious about a particular plane? Ask James and he can tell you the differences between particular aircraft, their use, and how they were constructed. James is a fierce aircraft enthusiast whose dedication to the material has made him an expert in Boeing’s history and current events.

James’ wealth of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm will take your Boeing Tour to new heights!a person standing in front of a plane

Insider Secret🤫Stops 
With our Boeing guru, James, he loves to give guests a behind-the-scenes look into the Boeing Factory grounds. James will take you to 4 special locations that no other tours include! One is the 777x Stress Facility with an actual 777x inside it! Before a plane sees the runway, it undergoes a lengthy fatigue testing process simulating 100,000+ flights. The test mimics the physical strain a plane would encounter over its lifetime to gauge how the structural integrity of the plane holds up overtime. The plane sits inside a gigantic structure with each section of the aircraft hooked up to hundreds of mechanical devices that push and pull on the plane. The entire process can take up to 3 years to complete and the plane will have “flown” 3x the number of flights it is expected to fly in its lifetime. To see the structure in person is a testament to the massive scale of the operation and the detailed testing processes each plane undergoes before it reaches the skies. 

Private Tour Experiences
Show Me Seattle offers personalized private tours for the ultimate Boeing experience. Private Tours are entirely customizable, tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for hotel pickup, lunch after the Boeing Factory visit, or a stop at the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, we’ve got you covered. Show Me Seattle wants to curate the perfect Boeing Tour experience just for you. The sky’s the limit when crafting your ideal Boeing Tour. 

Contact [email protected] and our Private Tour Coordinator, Shawn Belyea, is happy to discuss our private tour options. 

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the inner workings of the aerospace industry, the Boeing Factory Tour with Show Me Seattle promises an unforgettable experience for all. I may not be an enthusiast myself, but I got so much value from seeing the sheer size of the factory, the massive assembly floor, and the thousands of pieces that work together to construct these incredible feats on engineering. It was fascinating to learn how a timber baron could create a US aviation corporation whose far reaching innovations would eventually be seen in almost any aspect of our modern daily lives. 

So why wait to discover?🔎 See first hand why Boeing continues to inspire generations with their groundbreaking achievements in aviation✈️. 

Book your tickets today and get ready to soar with Show Me Seattle. 

The sky is the limit – are you ready to take flight?

a helicopter flying in the sky


**It’s important to note that your tour AT the Boeing Factory will not be private; your round-trip transportation combined with commentary en route will be private. Once you’ve arrived at the Future of Flight, you will join a public Boeing Factory Tour.