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Happy 420

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This 420 is all about getting by and getting through any which way we can. We’ve learned a few sage things about staying calm with cannabis during the age of Covid. At Show Me Seattle we share the wonders of Seattle with guests from around the world and as we turn our attentions inward, we’re highlighting the virtues of our partnered tour businesses that are doing outstanding work during this pandemic.

Let’s talk about micro-dosing in the time of Corona. It’s important to keep our stress levels in check and micro-dosing edibles is an excellent way to do just that.

On The Herban Adventure Tour we deep dive into this sub-topic of cannabis consumption with our partner, Craft Elixirs, the wonderful edibles lab that brought you the eponymous simple syrups, Pioneer Squares and Lori’s Potato Chips, which remain one of just a handful of savory options available in the edibles market.

What is micro-dosing anyway and why is it important?

Think of micro-dosing as the baby-steps approach to cannabis consumption. This toe-dipping technique is important particularly for novice users because THC effects everyone differently. While cannabis consumption can absolutely have a calming effect in this era of high tension and anxiety, consuming too much of an edible too quickly can have the exact opposite effect. The common wisdom with edibles is that one can always eat a little more but once consumed there’s no going back so ease your way in when you begin.

How much is a little bit?

10 mg is considered a single dose of recreational cannabis in the state of Washington. Most edibles come pre-packaged in 10 mg pieces with a few exceptions like Lori’s Potato Chip, where each chip is the equivalent of 1 mg which means the whole bag adds up to 10 mg. No need to break the chips apart, they already come micro-dosed! For all other beverages, chocolates and candies consider, using the accompanying dosage cup for beverages or breaking them into smaller pieces, consuming smaller portions and waiting. Remember, THC effects every body differently and it could take as long as two hours for your body to eventually metabolize the product so patience is your friend in the wonderful world of edibles.

While delivery service of cannabis products is not available in the state of Washington, you can often pre-order online and many shops like our retail partner The Bakeréé offer curbside pick-up as cannabis retailers are considered essential businesses at this time.

Relax and stay-safe with Craft Elixirs; once the dust settles we hope to see you on The Herban Adventure Tour where you’ll get to see where the magic happens and enjoy a tasting of delicious un-infused gluten free gourmet treats.

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