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Meet the Crew

About Show Me Seattle

Founded in 1994, Show Me Seattle is one of Seattle’s original city tour companies. With over 20 years of experience and tens of thousands of happy customers, we’ve built a reputation for delivering intimate and entertaining experiences that highlight the people, places, and stories that make Seattle so unique.

Show Me Seattle is owned and managed by former tour guides, which helps us provide outstanding experiences to guests, while evolving and breaking new ground with tours designed to meet modern travelers’ tastes and desires. We take pride in the quality of guides we employ. We understand our Seattle tour is only as good as the guide, therefore we go to great lengths to attract and retain the very best tour guides Seattle has to offer.


Staying silent in the light of current events is not an option. Show Me Seattle stands against hatred and racism, and will continue to listen to and support the black community. We love our community and strive to be a part of the solution.

Meet the Guides

a person in a yellow shirt
Marcia Lyman

Taste of Pike Place Market, City

I was born and raised in Seattle. My first public performance of storytelling was at 5 singing as Suzy Spinach. My next role was at 7 playing the Second Ugly StepSister in Cinderella. It seems that the word “Information” hovers over my head with an arrow pointing to me. I always have strangers coming to me asking for help.  I started doing new employee orientation and tours at Virginia Mason Medical Center. In 1997 I took Seattle Walking Tour classes from Duse McLean (the Queen of Walking tours in Seattle). I  enjoy giving my guests the gift of world-class positive experience to make their day and create lasting memories.

Seattle is my home and I especially love the Pike Place Market where I have done over 500 tours. We have so much diversity in my city. I find devoting my days to educating and introducing my guests to the magical places of Seattle is worthwhile and very fulfilling for me. I bring over 35 years of professional experience and over 45 years of volunteer work. 

In 2019 I had 58 five star reviews from my wonderful guests. I hope to see you on my tour soon!

a man smiling for the camera
Spencer Fairbanks

Boeing, City

Hello, here is my attempt at a bio, feel free to edit wherever you like A rarity,   Seattle born and bred, a native who sincerely loves his hometown. Grew up upon the shores of Lake Washington and earned his AA in Theatre Arts and his BFA in Acting from Cornish College of the Arts.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his parents both travel agents, was dismayed to see the demise of brick and mortar travel agencies. After always spouting off useless trivia and information about Seattle his friend finally suggested ” Why don’t you get a job doing this ? I was hired by Grayline of Seattle to narrate tours on double-deckers circling  Seattle.

I was named Best Tour Guide four years in a row by drivers. I found a new calling and never considered tour guiding as work. After Grayline I started with The Emerald City Trolley and remained with them for their entire run. I have happily been with Show Me Seattle for three years. I specialize in Seattle city tours but also have experience in Leavenworth and Mount Rainier. Boeing tours are my favorite as I am a geek aviation nerd. I study Native American history and geological surveys of the PNW.

When not touring I work at the 5th Avenue Theatre where I have worked for 35 years.  I am a local actor who appeared as Meg Ryan’s secretary in the film Sleepless in Seattle. I will show you the house-boat! I know a lot of hidden gems in the Emerald City and I look forward to showing them to you!

a close up of a sign
David “Lucky” Lane

Boeing, City, Coffee Chocolate & Wine, Taste of Pike Place Market, French and German Language Tours

Originally from San Francisco, Lucky holds 4 degrees, including 2 Masters with Honors from top schools. Formal education took him to Vermont, Boston, Manhattan, Florida, Arizona, Germany, Ukraine, and back to San Francisco.

When the DOT-COM boom turned to bust, Lucky moved to France, and bought an antique Dutch barge, which he renovated, lived-aboard, and cruised in the off-season while working as a Tour Director on European Riverboat Cruises across 5 rivers and 20+ countries for almost 10 years.  In this role, Lucky coordinated (and joined) hundreds of city tours with professional European guides, which provided a unique opportunity to learn how to give a great tour. Lucky now works in English, French, and German. Returning stateside, Lucky lived on a classic wooden sailboat in San Diego before moving to Seattle, which has it all: it’s a real city (but not too big); close to nature, with access to excellent sailing, skiing (Lucky’s a certified Alpine instructor), an international

population, and most important: curious visitors!

a man standing in front of a building
David “Elvis” Groh

Boeing, City, Coffee Chocolate & Wine

Inspired and influenced by some of America’s best storytellers, Mark Twain, Louis L’Amour and James A.Michener, I have traveled and explored various countries, vocations, and cultures.  I desire to keep your adventure entertaining and accurate. Local Authors William Speidel and my personal friend Rick Anderson provided local lore and fun facts that give my tours a little salacious kick, when appropriate.

During the introduction, I try to foster and promote a connection between guests and search for that wonderful 6 degrees of separation that enhances a sense of group enjoyment. I hope that long after this one day of fun you will be talking about Seattle, that crazy Elvis tour guide, and keeping an eye out for friends you made along the way. With over 5 years of experience, I have led well over a thousand tours and don’t think any two have been identical, no set script, I cater to the interests and abilities discovered by asking what you desire. Whether joining one of our many public tours or a private custom charter you can ask to have me, David V. Groh, AKA Cab Elvis.

a woman wearing a hat and smiling at the camera
Jerry Weissman

Once upon a time, I leaned out a window of the Pioneer Building where I was re-painting an office. I was watching a Tour go by down on the street below and I found myself thinking “I can do that!” by which I meant: I would much rather GO TOURING than Continue Painting! 

Enough Said.  That pretty much sums up my life ever since (philosophically speaking).  I’ve been leading tours in Seattle since 2007. 

Factoids: I’ve lived in Seattle since 1983.  I’m originally from New York by way of Los Angeles.  This is the third place I’ve lived and (Surprise!) its the perfect balance point between NY and LA!  It’s a grand little place that suddenly got Oh So Big!  

btw…I have a background in education, TV journalism, photography.

Living in Seattle Song Motto:  “Catch a falling star/Put it in your pocket/Save it for a rainy day.”

a close up of a sign
Andrew Lyon

Is a man of many talents. He’s toured many countries with Rick Steves’ Europe based out of Washington. He’s bilingual (Spanish) and currently, he is shadowing all Show Me Seattle Tours on his way to becoming a Power Guide!

We are so delighted to have him but here is Andrew in his own words: “I currently work for Rick Steves’ (since 2014) and I’m excited to work for Show Me Seattle too. I’m from Queen Anne originally and now live in Pioneer Square (the Smith Tower is my next-door neighbor). I love sports, the beach and the mountains, live theater, and the cinema, and our beautiful city.”

a man looking at the camera
James Grindle

Boeing, City, Coffee Chocolate & Wine, Herban Adventure

James Grindle was born in North Carolina and spent his formative years in small rural towns until he joined the US Army at 17. This instilled a desire to travel and visit different cultures’ significant Tourist attractions.

After his active duty contract ended he returned to Charlotte NC to attend University and embed himself into the region’s music scene for twenty years. After consulting with an online start-up James moved to Seattle in hopes of striking it rich with a fledgling online retailer specializing in music and books. When that failed to prove riches James attended the University of Washington film certificate program. After producing and directing a few short expensive films James has turned his attention to Seattle’s unique and varied history. He served as the guide for the largest machine in the world “Bertha” in the digging of Seattle’s SR99 tunnel and helped in the creation of the Klondike Gold Rush National Park’s “Trail to Treasure”.

James is currently writing his first book A Guide’s guide to Pioneer Square. Beyond Pioneer Square his other specialty-focused areas are Twin Peaks sights and lore, regional music history, regional film history, and regional tribal history.

a man wearing a striped shirt and smiling at the camera
Aaryn Schlosser

Aaryn was raised in Phoenix, AZ and realized at a young age that the sun and desert heat was not for him. He wanted the opposite of Phoenix so he moved to Seattle in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. Aaryn has almost two decades of hotel hospitality experience and brings those skills and love for this city to Show Me Seattle.

Behind the Scenes

a man wearing a hat

Michael Rogers


Owns and operates three travel companies, he opened Beeline Tours in 1996 while working for Show Me Seattle in the summers as a tour guide, in 2007 he founded Seattle Food Tours to share his passion for Seattle’s Pike Place Market, and in 2014 he purchased Show Me Seattle, buying the very company that introduced him to the industry over 20 years ago.

“By definition, I’m in the tour business, but to me, it’s really the entertainment business, and I design tours that reflect this ethos, crafting experiences that highlight a sense of place while creating memories that last a lifetime.”

a person posing for the camera
Leslie Law

Operations Manager

A native of North Carolina, Leslie hit Seattle over 30 years ago to start work on her Masters in Theater at the UW.  While a grad student, she took a part-time job in the Pike Place Market — and so began a love affair with the food and history of Seattle. When she joined Show Me Seattle as a tour guide, she specialized in — what else? — foodie tours with history, and for many years led tasting tours of the Pike Place Market and progressive dinner tours in Capitol Hill and Belltown.  In 2018 she transitioned to running operations and finds that helping provide stellar tours for our guests is quite similar to producing shows with her theater company. Leslie is also an award-winning actor, director, and producer who has appeared on most of the stages in the NW, as well as regional theaters across the country, and is the creator, co-producer and host of Sandbox Radio LIVE, a radio variety show recorded live for a podcast at Town Hall Seattle  She brings skills as a professional theater artist and producer, decades of experience in restaurants, catering and events, and a love of history to help create the optimum tour experience.

a man standing next to a body of water
Dan Lishner

Custom and Group Tour Sales

Dan grew up in Seattle having moved here in 1964 when he was just a wee lad. Having seen the city grow from the “last outpost in the Great Northwest to the city of the future as one of the top tech cities in the country Having spent much of his adult life in show business as a singer, stand-up comic and actor from Los Angeles, New York, Canada and Europe, Dan re-settled back in Seattle in 2010 and has been a part of the Show Me Seattle team since 2011.

He spent the first several years having a great time guiding tours. It was in 2016 that he moved to the behind-the-scenes department where he has built the custom tour offerings into one of our most popular options for our ever-growing clientele. He has built relationships with companies like Amazon and Microsoft providing tour services for their associates and clients. Add to that the thriving convention industry, Dan is able to customize tours for groups from 2 to 2,000 guests.

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